Our client, a homeowner in Valley Stream, was sick and tired of constantly changing the cartridge in their whole house water filter. Initially they were changing the $35 5 micron filter every 6 months but over the years the water quality coming into the house grew much worse. If they didnt change the filter very 4-6 weeks water would just trickle out of their faucets.

Solution: 3M Whole House Water Filter System with automatic backwash! Never change the cartridge again! Exact same principal as a pool filter, however this system automatically backwashes the 180 lbs of media and minerals every week for 14 minutes. Resulting in crystal clear water!

To make future service easy we installed all new 1″ copper with a set of 3 valves to allow for by-pass operation. Because the homeowner had a sensitive smoke alarm system we used the Milwaukee Pro Press with press fittings to connect all the piping together. Absolutely no soldering with a torch inside this home!

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