A local Woodmere, NY homeowner with a steam heating system was frustrated with several radiators failing to heat up. He called several plumbing contractors, even an expensive “franchised” plumbing outfit to diagnose the issue. Sadly all failed to properly diagnose failed steam traps on a “two pipe” steam system. One “technician” even removed the plugs where the steam radiator air valves would be located for a “one pipe” system and installed Vari-valves! Guess what? It worked, for about a day until loud hammering sounds started to drive the whole family crazy thinking the house was possessed by demons! (No, I’m not making this up) Here a time-line of the repair: 2/1/17 @ 3:30pm : diagnosed issue. multiple steam traps need replacement. confirmed pricing and availability at our local distributor 2/1/17 @ 3:55pm : client approval. scheduled repairs. 2/2/17 @ 7:45am : arrived at location with material. 2/2/17 @ 1:30pm : completed repairs. replaced (3) 1/2″ Watts steam traps, (1) 3/4″ Watts steam trap, installed (6) new Danfoss thermostatic angle valves for heat output control, flushed boiler and treated with Surgemaster. 2/2/17 @ 2:30pm : client calls office thanking us for a prompt and professional job reporting that system is quiet and all radiators are heating up evenly.

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