Gas Fired Steam Boiler Replacement

Last week we were dispatched to a home in Hempstead. The customer wanted an estimate for a new gas boiler. Upon arrival it was obvious they needed a new steam boiler since the steam was literally pouring out of the top of the chimney. The existing gas fired steam boiler by Burnham had developed a leak above the water line in the cast iron heat exchanger. The boilers date of manufacture was 04/2003. Only 13 years old! We supplied and installed a new Burnham IN5 140k BTU gas fired boiler with electronic ignition and near near boiler steam piping, new backflow and all new controls, relays and safety limits. Upon startup we commissioned the system with our Testo 320 combustion analyzer and advised the client that the system should only take new makeup water, at most, 3-4 times a month. Not 3-4 times an hour!

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