7 Easy Tips That Can Save You Money on Heating in Long Island

During the colder months of the year, your heating costs make up a huge portion of all the energy costs of your home. Of course, heating in your home is an absolute necessity, so you can’t just cut it off for a few days to help you save money. Fortunately, though, there are simple ways to make sure your home’s heating system is running efficiently so that you can significantly reduce your heating costs. With these tips for heating maintenance in Long Island, you’re sure to save moeny. Some will only take a couple minutes, and even small changes can bring you big savings.

At Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our Long Island heating contractor team is dedicated to helping you keep your heating system in great shape, so we’ve put together these helpful tips to help you ensure that you have great heating all winter long:

1. Change it Up
Try to change your filters at least every three months during periods of use. Making sure that the filters on your heating system are clean will mean less work for your heater and more work for your home. Any clogged filters will prevent your heater from distributing the air throughout your home, and you’ll be wasting energy.

2. Duct and Cover
Leaks, gaps, and disconnects in your ductwork can cause huge problems. Poor duct sealing might mean you’re spending 25% more on your heating costs than you need to. Some ducts can be easily repaired on your own, but if you need to, call our Long Island heating repair specialists for professional assistance.

3. Take it Down a Notch
Try lowering the temperature you set your thermostat too when you’re heating. You don’t need to take it down too low, but going just a few degrees cooler on your heat can save a lot of money in the long-run, even it seems insignificant.

4. Get With the Program
If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, installing one can end up saving you a lot. You’ll be able to set the thermostat to stop heating your home while you’re gone, then have it perfectly heated by the time you return. You can also set the temperature to be lower while you’re sleeping, and back up in the morning with you. They’re not terribly expensive and they can be installed without a professional Long Island heating services specialist.

5. Shed Some Light on the Situation
Let the sun heat up your home during the day. Direct sunlight will raise the temperature of your home enormously, so don’t be afraid to let it in. It won’t just save you on your heat either: natural light is 100% cheaper than electric light!

6. Get the Flue
Check your fireplace and make sure you’ve closed the damper when it’s not in use. A lot of the heat you’re paying for could be escaping through chimney’s flue.

7. Tune-Ups: Don’t Tune Out for This One
Make sure you’re heating unit is given a tune-up and inspected by a professional at least once a year. A heating tune-up in Long Island ensures your heating system is running as efficiently as possible and that you don’t wind up in an emergency heating situation due to unforeseen problems. Investing a little be preventative boiler or furnace maintenance now is the surest way to cut back on heating expenses in Long Island.

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