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Our Latest Plumber Projects in Long Island

Valley Stream Whole House Water Filter SystemOur client, a homeowner in Valley Stream, was sick and tired of constantly changing the cartridge in their whole house water filter. Initially they were changing the $35 5 micron filter every 6 months but over the years the water …Read More

Long Island PlumberA local Woodmere, NY homeowner with a steam heating system was frustrated with several radiators failing to heat up. He called several plumbing contractors, even an expensive "franchised" plumbing outfit to diagnose the issue.Read More

Long Island PlumberResidential steam heating boilers typically require makeup water approximately 3 to 4 times per month. If the system requires fresh makeup water more frequently a leak is generally the cause. Unfortunately most homeowners are unaware of this.Read More

Long Island PlumberDuring a scheduled heating inspection and tune-up for a client, we immediately noted a strange burning smell coming from the 3 zone 50 year old Federal Boiler that is installed in a closet next to the ground floor kitchen. Read More

Long Island PlumberCustomer complaint: 'We have no hot water AND my basement is starting to flood with water' Upon arrival found the Home Depot special - GE 50 gallon gas fired water heater has failed internally and water is literally pouring out from the bottom of the heater. Luckily the heater was installed with shut off valves on the COLD and HOT water supply lines. We isolated the water heater and immediately went to work to replace it. We installed a new AO Smith GCG-50-400 water heater - 50 gallons - 6 year warranty.Read More

Long Island PlumberUnknown leak in 1st floor ceiling and wall. Opened plaster wall and ceiling to expose 4" cast iron waste stack that was cracked, along with the 4" x 3" teewye AND 3" PVC that was inserted into the ferrule of a 4" lead bend and siliconed in place. After supporting the 3" cast iron vent stack, we cut out the damaged pipe and replaced.Read More

Long Island PlumberInstalled a new AO Smith 50 gallon gas fired water heater.Read More

Long Island PlumberAfter 45 years of reliable service, we removed the existing furnace and replaced it with a brand new model with better efficiency and minor ductwork modifications.Read More

Long Island PlumberExcessive gas bills and a new water heater justified this clients reasoning for a Navien NPE-240A tankless gas fired water heater for virtually unlimited hot water.Read More

Our customer complained of iron, dirt and taste in the domestic water in this home. We installed the 3M / Aquapure AP102T whole house water filter with a by-pass setup consisting of (3) ball valves and (1) drain valve to easily change out the AP110 filters as needed without distrubing the water pressure inside the house.Read More

Removed 20+ year old Carrier R22 (freon) 2 1/2 ton system. Replaced with new Carrier 17 Seer R410A (puron) 2 1/2 ton system. Commissioned system with Testo digital equipment bringing sub-cooling to Carrier's specifications for optimum efficiency.Read More

If you need a professional Long Island plumber for your project, please call 516-348-6300 or complete our online request form.