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plumber lynbrook nyThe plumbing and heating systems in your home are two of the chief components of the contentment and relaxation that your home provides to you and your family. So when either of them need repairs, you need a Lynbrook plumber and heating contractor that makes sure they're back into the best shape possible and soon as possible. At Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. our Lynbrook plumbers have a reputation as the most trusted and dependable plumbing and heating contractors in the five boroughs, and it's no accident. We've been providing our services to homeowners since 1999, and we've consistently provided our customers with the best in quality repairs and professional service.

All of our Lynbrook plumbers as well as our team of skilled air conditioning and heating contractors are all licensed and professionally trained, so at every job, we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. We'll use our extensive experience and expertise to quickly diagnose any problems and repair them thoroughly and accurately. We'll also get the work done as quickly as we possibly can because we know that these repairs can be disruptive. But we'll never sacrifice the quality of our work for speed.

Give us a call today with any questions about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment.

Lynbrook Water Heater Repairs

Know for our excellent and prompt plumbing repairs in Lynbrook, we are no stranger to water heater problems. Your water heater is used by your family throughout the day for countless tasks, so having any trouble with it is always a huge frustration. When you need water heater repairs, our plumbers will be ready to tackle the job. But we also know how important it is to keep your water heater well-maintained. Without frequent, regular maintenance, your water heater will need more repairs in the future, and it'll be less efficient, which will raise your energy costs.

Most water heaters last for about ten years before they'll need to replaced. That number can vary, of course, and without proper care your water heater can last as few as four or five years. Our plumbers recommend having regular maintenance performed at least once a year. This will increase your heater's lifespan, make sure it's running efficiently, and alert you to potentially serious problems before they become detrimental. And when it's time to replace your water heater, we can work with you throughout the process.

Lynbrook Boiler Repairs

Boilers are similar to water heaters in that they're constantly under a lot of pressure, so they require a lot of attention—especially during the winter months. Keeping up with maintenance, tune-ups, and repairs is hugely important for you boiler. Otherwise, it'll need more—and more expensive—repairs, have to be replaced much sooner, and you'll notice a sharp increase in your heating costs. Our Lynbrook heating contractors will work to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your boiler while minimizing the need for on-going heating repairs in Lynbrook, NY. We have experience with every type and all brands of boilers, and we'll make sure the work is done as quickly as possible.

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"Pipe Doc picked up my call and scheduled a service same day when my central ac went out in my Lynbrook home. I have a service contract with Home Serve but they couldnt come for 4 days! It was a simple repair and the price was reasonable, under $300. The tech went out of his way, going above and beyond, in telling me ways to prevent future service needs and stressed the filter being changed monthly. That is value Home Serve does not deliver on!"

| Rated: 5/5

"Thank you very much and will definitely use and recommend you."

| Rated: 5/5

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