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Tips from Your Long Island Plumber, Air Conditioning & Heating Expert

Clogged Steam System

Long Island PlumberA frequent comment from a homeowner when we quickly understand and diagnose the issue is, "I've had so many plumbers out yet no one can figure it out..Thank you!" … Read More

Simple Steps to Save Money & Extend Life of Refrigeration Equipment

Long Island PlumberThis is another money saving article with five short and simple, yet extremely important, things our clients can do on their own to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of their commercial refrigeration units. Equipment examples: coolers, freezers, refrigerators and ice machines. … Read More

Why Does My Gas Furnace Turn Off and On Quickly?

Long Island PlumberEarlier this week we were called to a home in Hewlett, NY for a "limited heat" service call on a Trane 100k BTU 80% gas fired furnace. Upon arrival and inspection we discovered the filter too small for the opening and the high temperature limit safety switch "jumped out" with a small piece of wire. … Read More

Why do the lights flicker when my HVAC unit comes on?

Long Island PlumberIf the lighting in your home or business flicker when your HVAC (heating or air conditioning) system turns on it is not normal. Question: So, Why do my lights flicker when my heating or air conditioning system comes on? … Read More

Why is Combustion Analysis Important on a Furnace or Boiler

Long Island PlumberBasically, your furnace or boiler needs the correct amount of fuel (oil, natural gas or propane) and oxygen to heat your home to operate safely. … Read More

Gas Furnace Fall Maintenance Guide

Long Island PlumberIt is important to keep your gas fired furnace running safely and efficiency to prevent the aggravation of no heat in the middle of the winter on a Saturday night while you … Read More

How to Create Hydronic Zoning on Steam Boilers

Long Island PlumberMany Long Island and New York City homeowners have gas fired steam systems and often call on us to create hot water hydronic zones they want to install in their basements or extensions on their homes … Read More

Residential Steam Boiler Maintenance

Long Island PlumberIf you reside in the northeastern United States there is a possibility you grew up or lived in a home with steam heat. That heating system likely was a huge mystery to you and chances are it was not serviced properly. … Read More

Water Heater Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Water Heater by Flushing

Long Island PlumberThe water heater, incorrectly called a “hot water heater”, is basically maintenance-free, yet does require some service, just like any other household appliance. Once it is properly installed and set to the right temperature, very little is required to keep it functioning efficiently … Read More

No Hot Water. What Can You Do?

Long Island PlumberNobody likes a cold shower, so not having hot water can be a huge inconvenience and quite annoying. Depending on the type of water heater you have there are a number of issues that can cause you to run out of hot water, many of which you should be able to resolve yourself with minimal mechanical skill. … Read More

Prevent Long Island Plumbing Problems with These Helpful Tips

plumbing tips long islandYou need to keep your home clean, comfortable, and convenient, and its plumbing system is a huge part of maintaining those qualities. So when you have any problems with your plumbing, it can be extremely frustrating, and you need to have prompt and professional repairs performed as soon as possible. … Read More

When Should You Replace Your Water Heater in Long Island?

water heaters long islandYour heater is consistently under nearly constant pressure and stress, so it requires nearly constant attention, maintenance, and repairs. At Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. our Long Island plumbers recommend that you have a tune-up or inspection of your water heater at least once a year to make sure that it’s as efficient and as healthy as possible. … Read More

7 Easy Tips That Can Save You Money on Heating in Long Island

heating long islandDuring the colder months of the year, your heating costs make up a huge portion of all the energy costs of your home. Of course, heating in your home is an absolute necessity, so you can’t just cut it off for a few days to help you save money. Fortunately, though, there are simple ways to make sure your Long Island home’s heating system is running efficiently so that you can significantly reduce your heating costs. Some will only take a couple minutes … Read More

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