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Generator Installation in Long Island

generator installation long islandBeing a homeowner requires forward thinking and preparation for the unexpected. It's just not important to protect your property from unexpected events, but you'll need to be ready to protect your family as well. Natural disasters can occur at any time, and they're often completely unpredictable. Which is why getting a reliable standby power source and proper generator installation in Long Island is a great investment.

Unexpected disasters can easily leave your Long Island home without power, and that can cause you and your family's lives to grind to a complete halt. Investing in a Generec generator for your home can help you maintain the safety and comfort of your home, even if local electricity fails temporarily. At Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, Inc., our professional Long Island generator experts specialize in Generec generators, and we can help you find the perfect generator for your home.

Types of Generators

Different power generators are built to provide different amounts of electricity to your home. If you're installing a power generator, our professional electricians can help you determine the amount of electricity you'll need, and what sort of power generator you'll need for your Long Island home. If there's a large amount of electrical equipment that you'll need for your home in the event of an emergency, you'll need a generator with a higher capacity of electricity.

Investing in a power generator that will provide your home with enough wattage, plus a little more, will ensure that you're fully equipped to maintain the comfort and security of your home in the event of an emergency.

There are two main types of generators: a standby unit, and a portable model.

  • Portable Generators

If you don't have the space in your Long Island home, or if you need something you'll be able to move around to different places, a portable generator will be your best. We can help you decide which is best for your home and your family's uses, and we can have them professionally maintained so that you're ready to deal with anything that occurs.

  • Standby Generators

If you have the space, a standby generator is your best bet. Our Generec generator installers can have it professionally installed so that it will be available and ready to function as soon as your home experiences a power outage.

Long Island Generator Installation & Generator Fuels

Most power generators in Long Island run on gasoline because it's one of the cheapest and most readily available fuels. However, other models may run on diesel or propane. Your decision for what sort of generator to get should be based on your budget and what you'll need in the event of an emergency.

Our power generator installation specialists can help you with the decision and give you the specifics of different models. After your purchase and installation, we can also make sure that your power generator is well-maintained, and we can handle any repairs that may come up at any time.

We've been the trusted Long Island plumber and generator installation specialists since 1999. You're in good hands with our team of experienced professionals. Call today to learn more about the Generac generators we carry or to schedule home generator installation in Long Island.

If you are interested in Generac generators or home generator installation in Long Island, please call us at 516-348-6300 or complete our online request form.

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